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Old 07-23-2012, 03:04 PM
Written By: Dr LeCrone
Default It Can Be Very Difficult To Deal With Someone Who Thinks They Know Everything

Recognize anyone you know?

At a party, she barges her way into the conversation with an opinion. Not just any opinion, though. Her opinion.

She often tries to monopolize the conversation by picking up on the topic and going on and on about how much she knows about the subject.

When with friends and acquaintances, he brings up a topic and then delivers an oration on his knowledge and opinions. He has a haughty and overbearing attitude toward those around him.

He speaks rapidly and by doing so, does not allow anyone to object to his thoughts or add their own comments.

You may be trapped with her each day while carpooling. As soon as you mention a store, restaurant, movie or book you enjoyed, she begins to insist that the thing or place you mentioned is bad, even though she has little first-hand knowledge of it.

And if you mention that you believe something is bad, she begins to effusively tell you how much she disagrees with you.

The know-it-alls have an opinion about everything even if they know nothing about the subject. You know the type: Something is self-evidently true purely because they happen to think it.

Know-it-alls don’t want to receive input from others, they want to be the ones transmitting their pearls of ‘wisdom.’

Know-it-alls can be as exhausting as they are annoying. They often have narcissistic character traits and may possess deficient egos. They attempt to use authoritative statements to bolster their own poor self-concepts.

Often, without their awareness or intent, the know-it-alls are being bullies.

Dealing with and tolerating the know-it-alls can be very valuable, especially in situations arising in the workplace and family.

Next week I will suggest how to deal with these difficult people.

Harold H. LeCrone, Jr., Ph.D. Copyright ©2012

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