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Old 06-29-2011, 11:35 AM
Written By: Dr LeCrone
Default Are You In Need Of Personal Change?

Just as a personal appearance makeover focuses on key elements of one’s appearance, a psychological makeover attends to the basic components of an individual’s psychological makeup.

The following are some questions to help stimulate the beginnings of a psychological makeover and invite you to begin thinking of successful strategies for dealing with life’s challenges:

* Generally speaking, are you in emotional balance or is life an emotional roller coaster? Are the twists and turns in your life usually taken in stride and dealt with in a fashion that promotes and retains stability?

For the most part, are you able to roll with life’s punches or does the tendency to be upset by almost anything and everything better describe what happens in your life? Is being resilient and able to bounce back from losses and disappointments one of your strengths?

* Are you usually relaxed, laid back and easy going or is anxiety, tension and being uptight a more fitting label? Do you use humor, laughter, and playfulness to meet life’s difficulties or would those who know you describe you as being troubled, always serious and driven?

* Are you driven by a perfectionistic need to control each and every aspect of your life? Can you let go and move on when it is reasonable and prudent to do so, or would you more likely not know when or not choose to let go and cut your losses?

* Is life for you a glass that is half-full most of the time or instead a half-empty, leaky vessel filled with pessimism and negativism?

Are you most often full of hope and possibilities or do you perceive life as a road full of potholes, speed bumps and dead ends?

* Are you able to establish and maintain trusting, loyal friendships, or is loneliness, distance, and disharmony a more suitable description of how you relate to other people?

There are many other components to a healthy psychological outlook. But if you want to begin a psychological makeover, you may find the preceding questions a good place to start.

Don’t expect to make changes overnight. Remember that the basis for the problematic behaviors can come from many sources including genetic predispositions, unhappy experiences and difficulties with current stressors in your life.

Professional counseling is often needed to make and maintain changes.

Remember, makeovers of all kinds can be very rewarding.

Harold H. LeCrone, Jr., Ph.D. Copyright © 2011

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