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Old 06-21-2011, 06:42 PM
Written By: Dr LeCrone
Default Thoughts for Fathers

As Father’s Day nears, many of us ask ourselves “What is a good father?” Obviously, children do not come with an instruction manual and both mothers and fathers often learn parenting skills during the process raising children.

Unfortunately, if a person’s parents lack the knowledge or motivation to be effective parents, these skills are not passed on. Here are some of my thoughts on the things that a father should teach his children during their formative years.

* A father recognizes that being an effective father starts with being an effective husband. The relationship that a man has with his spouse shapes the communication patterns within the whole family.

* A father is a role model of love and caring in the family. His unconditional love is demonstrated both verbally and physically. His caring of the family provides a role model for showing empathy and concern for others. In partnership with his wife, he is able to make the family unit a pillar of strength in an often chaotic world.

* A father is a man who prioritizes his life so his wife and children come before his work, hobbies and relationships with other people.

* A father is a man who makes commitment and accountability cornerstones in his life. If he makes a mistake, he acknowledges it and tries not to blame someone else.

* A father is unwavering in his focus on teaching his children the moral principles and values that will enable them to conduct their lives in a fashion that will gain the respect of friends, family and society.

* A father recognizes that he is responsible for the choices and decisions that he makes in life. In turn, he teaches this very important principle to his children.

* Finally, a father is a man who recognizes that being a good father is a gift, an opportunity and a responsibility.

Consider these thoughts as Father’s Day approaches and if you are a father, enjoy this special day.

Harold H. LeCrone, Jr., Ph.D. Copyright © 2011

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