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  1. Communication vital to marriage
  2. Happy marriages take effort
  3. Sex problems can ruin marriage
  4. Charming man may hide deep hatred of women
  5. Sir Galahad often erodes, saps wife’s self-confidence
  6. Alternatives exist for wife trapped in odd marriage
  7. Some women can make life lousy for spouse, family
  8. Perfectionist may cause downfall of good marriage
  9. Couples must learn to communicate
  10. Clear the air before walking the aisle
  11. Addicted to an unhealthy ‘love’
  12. In-laws should keep advice to selves
  13. ‘Perfect couple’s’ marriage falters
  14. Foresight could prevent affair
  15. Midlife restlessness, affair linked
  16. Face it – affairs don’t just ‘happen’
  17. The warning signs of marital infidelity
  18. Couples problems overwhelm marriage
  19. Dealing with change in a relationship
  20. How to turn around a bad relationship
  21. Men who destroy their wives self esteem
  22. Men who love the chase but hate the catch
  23. Communication key to good relationships
  24. Some ways to try to repair a marriage
  25. Be careful not to take spouse for granted
  26. Communication key to marital harmony
  27. Dealing with the pain when a spouse leaves
  28. Seeking some suggestions on subject of remarriage
  29. Surviving in a difficult relationship
  30. Being alone different than being lonely
  31. Is it time for marital checkup
  32. Relationships worth more than material things
  33. Husband seeks help with marital fights
  34. Experts share secrets of marriage
  35. Low sex drive can stem from many causes
  36. Tips give for healthy disagreement
  37. Healthy marriages need constant TLC
  38. Premarital counseling can reveal issues
  39. 5 components of a healthy, lasting union
  40. Adjusting to in laws or new spouse takes time
  41. Breaking up is hard, but you can get through it
  42. Compromise goes a long way in marriage
  43. Marital counseling may help resolve financial, in-law issues
  44. Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction Problems
  45. Many Wives are Kept Under Man's Thumb
  46. Money troubles among couples common
  47. Tips on how couples can deal with money
  48. Communication the key in relationships
  49. The foundation of a strong relationship
  50. Communication important for newlyweds
  51. Dealing with sexual tension in a marriage
  52. Factors to consider before saying ‘I do’
  53. Listening can save a relationship
  54. Problems may reflect the marriage
  55. Money worries shouldn’t be magnified
  56. Money troubles can affect a couple’s sex life
  57. Infidelity poses a preventable problem
  58. One partner’s change can alter relationship
  59. Avoiding Potential In-Law Problems
  60. In-Law Advice
  61. Our 40th Wedding Anniversary
  62. Our Marriage Needs Help
  63. Infidelity
  64. Widowhood
  65. Separation
  66. Getting Married Is Major Decision
  67. The Abusive Relationship
  68. Best Wishes To All Newlyweds
  69. Our Marriage Is On The Rocks Because We Don’t Talk To Each Other
  70. “I Wonder If I’m Just A Loser.”
  71. Dealing With A Critical Mother In Law
  72. Can My Marriage Survive An Affair?
  73. Moving Through A Broken Relationship
  74. Why Some Women End Up In Unhealthy Relationships With Men