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  1. Kids are susceptible to stress, too
  2. Hyperactivity often misunderstood
  3. Fast pace hurts learning disabled
  4. Make family the No. 1 priority
  5. Happy, healthy family is possible
  6. Organization relieves family stress
  7. Interest in child’s school important
  8. Help make school year better
  9. School tardiness is serious problem family must face
  10. Communication is key to stepfamily’s chances for success
  11. Stepfamilies struggle with breaking bonds of former traditions
  12. If treated early, abusers can learn parenting skills
  13. Abuse may be cause of Johnny’s trouble in the school room
  14. Parents shouldn’t force kids to learn
  15. People pollution prevalent when families merge
  16. Fairy tales aid in setting example of good behavior
  17. Happy families are needed anchor in modern times
  18. Happy families share priorities, goals, traditions
  19. Examples teach children to act ethically, honestly
  20. Parents should watch for signs of child’s stress
  21. Lifestyle changes alleviate child’s anxieties at home
  22. Parents should give kids happy home environment
  23. Parents need to encourage kids to communicate
  24. Strive to evaluate if child wants to communicate
  25. Behavior changes could be sign of stress in children
  26. Stage of child development affects stresses
  27. Parents can ease variety of stresses found in children
  28. Dads should try daily tribulations with kids at home
  29. Sense of humor helps father cope with daily trials
  30. Raising family takes commitment
  31. Teaching parents skills essential
  32. Excess arguing blocks family bond
  33. Working parents must divide
  34. Stability strengthens family ties
  35. Parents must probe child’s attitude
  36. Parents can spur children to achieve
  37. Children need emotion checkups
  38. Kids harbor fears about divorce
  39. Only child needs special attention
  40. Special approach aids only child
  41. Parents can love, protect too much
  42. The impact of games children play
  43. Staying off kids’ summer boredom
  44. Fathers share goals, concerns
  45. Explaining death to children
  46. Helping a child build self-esteem
  47. 1st day of school can be scary
  48. Is your child an underachiever?
  49. Alcoholics’ kids addicted to caring
  50. Helping a child build self-esteem
  51. Teach children to manage money
  52. Parents can help motivate youths
  53. Kids want to know parents care
  54. Parents can help motivate youths
  55. Praise builds children’s self-esteem
  56. Building children’s self-esteem
  57. Parent can build child’s self-worth
  58. Don’t let job swallow family time
  59. Children must learn independence
  60. Parents should build foundation
  61. Tips for a rewarding school year
  62. Help children find fun in reading
  63. Children must develop conscience
  64. Watch for early signs of drug use
  65. Autonomy a lesson not all parents teach
  66. Helping children deal with trauma, loss
  67. How parents can help underachievers
  68. Parents key players in kids’ school success
  69. A balancing act: family, career, home
  70. Organizing your family requires work
  71. Teaching children how to handle their anger
  72. Don’t acquiesce to your child’s tantrums
  73. Schedule away from school important, too
  74. Treat child with same respect you expect
  75. Family, support groups can aid in grieving
  76. Give children age appropriate work to do
  77. Grades not the only issue in learning
  78. Poor grades not always lack of effort
  79. Children need reassurance during divorce
  80. Communication key to good parenting
  81. Make your child’s education a priority
  82. Making time for your family important
  83. Parents must help the teachers teach
  84. Set an example for you child by reading
  85. Blended families require trust, respect
  86. Helping your children deal with loss
  87. Parents can help teachers by backing them
  88. Parents need to set up family priorities
  89. Passage offered to grieving parents
  90. Preparing for a new school year
  91. Setting examples helps children learn
  92. Steps to boosting child’s self worth
  93. Surviving empty nest syndrome
  94. Ways to love your child each day
  95. Children need guidance with money
  96. Guarding against being too protective of kids
  97. Mom seeking help for her very shy 6 year-old
  98. Nurturing your children’s self-esteem
  99. Parent seeks advice before child returns home
  100. Speak to your children about terrorist attacks
  101. Start early in encouraging children to read
  102. Who ever said child rearing would be easy
  103. Cautionary words for parents of only children
  104. Consistency key at bedtime
  105. Helping children get through life’s traumas
  106. Parents can help with teacher’s great burdens
  107. Stop and prioritize your life before school starts
  108. When do parents get to stop worrying
  109. Parental guidelines an asset to adolescent development
  110. Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of a New Baby
  111. Summer Reading
  112. Bonds Special Between Child, Grandparent
  113. Education Covers More than Basics
  114. The Psychological Impact of Nicknames
  115. Conflicting Demands Can Burden Parents
  116. Families Need to Work Together as a Team
  117. "Real" Talk Helps Kids Deal with Sexuality
  118. Support Groups Can Help Single Parents
  119. Teaching Children to Delay Gratification
  120. The Importance of Self-Esteem to Children
  121. Be careful not to smother an only child
  122. The pros, cons of single-child families
  123. Listening to your child
  124. Binge Drinking
  125. Sibling Rivalry
  126. Helping Children Through the Divorce of their Parents
  127. Parental Impact
  128. Obesity Among Children and Adolescents, Part I
  129. Obesity Among Children and Adolescents, Part II
  130. Dealing with the Loss of a Child During the Holidays
  131. Words Can Hurt
  132. Effective father 1st an effective husband
  133. Improve involvement in child’s education
  134. Looking beyond a child’s misbehavior
  135. Teaching kids to cope with life’s adversities
  136. The best gifts for kids don’t come from stores
  137. Helping children adjust after divorce
  138. Many parents wonder ‘Where did I fail?’
  139. Stray dog prompts family discussions
  140. Parents need to stimulate child’s learning
  141. Give child lasting gift of resilience
  142. Keeping in touch with kids in the teen years
  143. Priorities key in single-parent family
  144. Putting some routine into family life
  145. Improving relations with your children
  146. When adult children return to the nest
  147. The Overscheduled Child
  148. Effective parenting a 2-way street
  149. Parents must set goals for children
  150. Parents: get involved in education
  151. Single parents have special needs
  152. Support, time cure homesickness
  153. Getting children off on right foot in school
  154. 1st child sets pattern of family function
  155. Actions affect every family member
  156. Blended families face many obstacles
  157. Keep explanation of death simple
  158. Parents’ marriage affects child’s well-being
  159. Stepparent a challenging role to undertake
  160. Adults must be partners in education
  161. Exercising Children
  162. Tips for Coping With A New Baby
  163. Family Stressbusters
  164. College Freshmen Come Home for the Holidays
  165. Temper Tantrums
  166. Discussing the Birds and the Bees
  167. Alcohol Awareness
  168. Summer Camp
  169. Super Mom
  170. Resilience and Character in Children
  171. Kids and Summer
  172. Starting School
  173. Children and Money
  174. Blended Family
  175. Helping Children Cope with Death
  176. Dealing With The Loss Of A Child During Holidays
  177. Help For Shy Children
  178. Is College Supposed To Be Just One Big Party?
  179. New Year Resolutions For The Family
  180. Is Your Child Overweight?
  181. A Great Poem For All Parents
  182. “Should My Child Go To A Funeral?”
  183. How Some Families Survive In Tough Times
  184. Childhood Stress During Difficult Economic Times
  185. Is Your Teenager Crying Out For Help?
  186. Teaching Your Child Integrity
  187. Make The Love Of Reading A Gift To Your Child
  188. Perspectives On Becoming A Grandparent
  189. The Importance of Giving Others Your Full Attention
  190. Helping Children Become Resilient
  191. One Way Grandparents Can Stay Within a Budget At Christmas
  192. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Memory”
  193. Empty Nests Don't Have to Cause Loneliness
  194. Parents Can Help Build Healthy Egos Early In Life
  195. Separation Anxiety and Separation Anxiety Disorder: Part I